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Paper Abstract

Keeping Safe Online

As technology keeps evolving, teens' presence in the online sphere will decrease, and so will online exploitation prevalence. In 'keeping safe online,' we believe that the sooner we address this phenomenon, the fewer victims it will collect. Our mission is to share Hadar's experience with parents, educators, and adolescents to provide them with practical tools that would not only increase their awareness of the risks online, but would also encourage them to communicate it to each other and prevent the next online abuse.  


To that aim, we have gathered the most representative stories from Hadar's 'boots on the ground' period as an online sex crime investigator and accompanied them with the academic knowledge accumulated during Hadar's doctoral research. On that basis, we have constructed updated workshops and lectures that deliver the most acute issues regarding online sexual abuse and their solutions – The Keeping Safe Online Toolkit.


In addition to the Keeping Safe Online Toolkit provided in the workshop, We hope that Hadar's efforts in the regulation spheres will encourage politicians, leaders, educators, and parents' awareness of the online abuse phenomenon.  We believe it is our responsibility as adults to educate our future generation on how to keep safe in the online environment that we have created.  

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