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Paper Abstract


  • Is the grooming process the same for all perpetrators?
    While not all perpetrators talk the same or aim for the same victim's type, the way they operate is similar and can be recognized in an early stage of the conversation.
  • Is virtual rape real?
    YES! Virtual rape survivors suffer from the same difficult symptoms as physical rape survivors.
  • Are adolescent girls at more risk than adolescent boys?
    NO! In fact, research shows that boys and girls are equally at risk of getting groomed and sexually abused online, especially between the ages of 12-15.
  • How can we prevent getting abused online?
    There are several guidelines that are important to know when using the internet, such as keeping a close profile, private and strong passwords, recognizing the grooming stages, etc.
  • My kids use their phones for school; Do I need to know my way around technology to keep them safe?
    Not necessarily; being technological may help, but it is more important to know the risks and communicate them with your children.
  • Are parental control apps effective?
    Parental control apps and software can work as a secondary safeguard, NOT on their own.

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