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Hadar Lahav

Based in Tel Aviv, Israel, we focus on educating our children on cyber safety, sexual assault, and online predators


About Hadar

Resources for Sexual Abuse, Exploitation and Offences in Tel Aviv, Israel

Hadar lives in a small village in Israel with her family. Since 2016, Hadar has been studying the Online Sexual Offenses sphere from different points of view; she Initially entered this world as a sexual offenses investigator at the "105" Unit (Child Online Protection Bureau), Which exposed her to the most hardcore online offenses, both from the offender and the victim's perspective.

Wanting to deepen her understanding of online sexual offenders' motives, thinking path, and M.O, Hadar turned to academics to acquire a designated formal education, and she is currently a criminology doctoral student at Bar-Ilan University, specializing in Online Sexual abuse.

Keeping Safe Online

Helping children stay safe on social media and protected from online grooming and abuse, based in Tel Aviv, Israel

As technology keeps evolving, teens' presence in the online sphere will decrease, and so will online exploitation prevalence. In 'keeping safe online,' we believe that the sooner we address this phenomenon, the fewer victims it will collect. Our mission is the share Hadar's experience with parents, educators, and adolescents to provide them with practical tools that would not only increase their awareness of the risks online, but would also encourage them to communicate it to each other and prevent the next online abuse.  

Types of Online Interactions

All forms of online sexual abuse are real and traumatic

These days we are witnessing a new form of interaction in social media, video games, etc. If not kept safe, the virtual sphere may cost severe trauma. In large, three forms of online sexual offenses exist;

Sexual Harassment

Sending & receiving unwanted sexual media; Dickpicks | Porn links | Verbal harassment


When perpetrators lure their victims into a toxic, non-mutual relationship that usually leads to the most severe form of abuse.

Mixed Reality Offenses

Sexually assault one's virtual figure (avatar) via another; VR | AR | Upcoming Metaverse. *This technology and the upcoming 3rd Internet enables abuse in more sensible ways.


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